Saint Mary Griptape
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Saint Mary Griptape

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Ghetto Rags, a brand that often draws inspiration from street culture and skateboarding, offers products like the Saint Mary Griptape that blend functionality with edgy design. This particular griptape is likely to feature an iconic image of Saint Mary, reimagined with a gritty, urban twist that resonates with the brand's aesthetic. Designed to provide skateboarders with reliable traction for their tricks and maneuvers, the griptape also makes a bold statement with its unique artwork. The juxtaposition of religious imagery with streetwear style is emblematic of how Ghetto Rags taps into diverse cultural influences to create products that appeal to its niche market of skaters and street fashion enthusiasts.

Shape: 9 x 33 Inch Griptape
Size: 9 x 33 Inches