Ghetto Nun Skateboard
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Ghetto Nun Skateboard

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The Ghetto Nun Skateboard is a bold and edgy deck design that merges rebellious street culture with a touch of dark humor. Featuring a provocative and striking graphic of a nun with an urban twist, this skateboard challenges societal norms and embraces an unapologetically gritty aesthetic. Perfect for skaters who appreciate unique art and want to make a statement, the Ghetto Nun Skateboard isn't just a ride, it's a representation of defiance and individuality. Constructed with high-quality materials, it ensures durability and performance, making it suitable for both casual riders and serious skateboard enthusiasts looking for a standout piece.

7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple Deck with High Resolution graphic applied. 

Shape: 9 Inch Skateboard
Size: 9 x 34 Inches
Concave: medium